Our Story

Studio Leelou was built on the basis of creating design that is not only beautiful but also emotive. We believe that good design should make your audience feel something and in return create a better connection and understanding of your product / service.
Good things take time and every single product that we offer has been thoughtfully created. Every single line, colour, font and element has been considered.

We are helpers by nature and nothing makes us happier than to see your business thrive with the use of our products.


Founder & Creative Director

about me

I photographed my first wedding alongside my husband Jai, and so the venture into the wedding industry began.

As I delved into the world of wedding photography, so my journey into graphic design also began. When Free the Bird started, the business needed branding, promotional material, stationery and a website.

I have always been artistic and loved drawing since I can remember so it felt natural to apply these skills to design. Shortly after branding Free the Bird I went onto study a Bachelor in Communication Design while also photographing weddings.

Being a perfectionist at my core, I derive immense joy from crafting designs that embody a harmonious blend of aesthetics and balance, where every element assumes its rightful place with impeccable hierarchy.

Lost in the world of design, I often spend hours perfecting every minuscule detail, pouring my heart and soul into every little detail.

But when I'm not lost in the world of creativity, you'll find me lounging in the cozy comfort of my home, relishing the simple pleasures of life with my beloved husband, Jai, and my dear doggo, Pip.

my background


Ten years ago...

My passion now lies in crafting exceptional digital resources for the talented and visionary wedding photographers of today. Having been in the field myself and building the successful 'Free the Bird' brand from scratch, I've gained a wealth of knowledge and insights into the intricacies of the wedding photography industry and market

these days...



Lead designer


Since a young age, I've always had a passion for creativity. Stemmed from my interest in sketching and illustrating, I aim for the concept of emotion to be reflected in my design style. My design style takes inspiration from the earthiness and minimalistic energy of brutalist architecture. I've always been drawn to minimalism in particular and the tranquil emotion that it evokes, and aspire to achieve this in my layout designs. 

About Me