We create brands that are emotive, websites that are mesmerising, an identities for your dream clients to fall in love with.

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Add value to your business

People will only pay what they think...no, scrap that, what they FEEL something is worth. Humans are emotional creatures. Facts, features and figures don’t sell products, experiences do. A strong brand creates a world that allows your clients to fall in love with your business. 

One of the best ways to charge what you are worth is to create an experience for your clients that is consistent throughout all touchpoints of your business.

Attract your target market

If you try to please everyone, you’ll end up pleasing no one - this is true in life and in business. No more shouting out to your audience hoping someone will bite.

The key to selling anything is to know inside and out, who are you selling to. I good brand will speak to your dream client’s values and aspirations. It will make them fall in love with your business.

 Having a business that you are excited about and proud of, means you are more likely to show up in your business and share it with the world. Lets create a business that you want to shout from rooftops. One that makes you want to go up to strangers and say 'hey, check this!'



above all else


Stand out in a busY marketplace

You know you go above and beyond serving your clients, or that you are a talented adventure wedding photographer, or perhaps your business is run incredibly ethically. You know you have something pretty special, but how do we tell you clients that?

We educate your target market, and one of the best ways to communicate your uniqueness is visually. Through in-depth research we will find your unique edge and show that to the world. Let's create a stand out brand so your business stands strong in even the busiest market.


Due to this we only take on a limited number of branding jobs per year.

This is to ensure that I can give every brand and business the attention and love it deserves. I work closely with all of my clients to understand their business and them personally. This is a timely process but ensures that we create something that is right for you and your market.



All brands are created by me, Leelou. 

"I only take on 11 brand jobs per year, so that I can put my heart into every single brand."

Businesses we've Developed

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Custom Branding


Custom Branding + Website


Custom Branding


custom design packages for your business


02. CUSTOM website

03. custom BRANDING


custom design packages for your business

CUSTOM branding

CUSTOM website


You are one of a kind! Let's create a brand and website that is unique to you and your business. If you are serious about creating a strong brand and web presence to help your business thrive, then this package is for you.

This is a comprehensive package that allows us to build you brand and website as a whole. We will develop a strong voice for you business in even the most competitive market.

Branding + Website


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A website is essentially your store front and you want to make sure that your store looks good, attracts the right audience and holds a space to showcase your work as beautifully as the product & service itself.

Let's create a space for your clients to fall in love with your work. It should be a unique experience that takes them into a world that is completely you.

Custom Website


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Secure your brand date today

Secure your brand date today

This package will set your business up with all the visual elements you will need to hit the ground running.

A logo can only do so much, with a whole brand, we will be able to create a strong voice for your business and set you apart in the market.

Custom Branding


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"You know how INSANELY and completely in love with the final branding we are....



- Grace & Andrew

A million times thanks for the huge amount of work you've put in, this was such a fun process too and every time I've seen that there's an email from you in my inbox I've been PROPER excited, 

It 100% is us I think we finally have something that reflects Bottlebrush!"

"I'm at a loss for words! You are AMAZING at what you do! I can't freaking believe how much I love my branding.

- Elicia Bryan

You took all of my feedback and made it even better than I could have imagined!  I'm booking more of my target client now that I have this in place - ahhh, it feels so good to be able to say that! And it's all thanks to your brilliant work!

It's absolutely perfect in every single way! 



"Honestly couldn’t rave about Leelou more....

- Dom & Jac

She first did our branding then incorporated all this into our perfect little website, it tied everything together perfectly and complemented our work. She went over and beyond our all expectations.

It was one of the best decisions we made for our business."


with love