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Golden Days


Fun | Colourful | Retro | Young


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Ciao Bella


Dear Palm Springs

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Temple of Sun

Free Spirited | Warm | Classy

Elegant | Classic | Soft | Calm

Bold | Moody | Mysterious

Light | Editorial | Timeless

Warm | Free-spirited | Welcoming

Editorial | Modern | Minimal

Dreamy | Warm | Welcoming

Wanderlust | Soulful | Earthy

Quirky | Fun | Retro

Sol Dancer

Cosmic Waves

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Earthy | Wanderlust | Warm

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What they are saying

web template users


Luke Fletcher

The layout was put together like some sort of glorious caramel-filled, chocolate tasting box. It looked and felt professional yet personable. Transitioning the site into the Hungry Hearts Co brand was simple and easy with so much support..

FINALLY our voice and character is feel-able at every step of the way!

Our couples have been commenting how the site it gives them an accurate vibe for who we are and how we do the things differently.


Peter Ali

LeeLou is an absolute legend. The templates at Studio Leelou are beautifully and thoughtfully made, the video guidance included (The Ultimate Game Changer Course) is super valuable and has much more info than you would expect and when I've had some hurdles learning how to use Showit where my website is hosted Leelou personally took the time to find a solution and send me a few video explanations of how to achieve what I was looking for.

In general worth every penny and more!


Hannah Stepaniuk

I purchased one of Studio Leelou's Showit templates but found I just didn't have the time to create a unique, amazing website! So, I emailed her. She got back to me quickly and set up a zoom chat. She stayed within my budget and was very transparent about how much work it would entail.

I am IN LOVE with my new website!! We just finished a chat to go over any questions I had about my new site, the team sent me some updated branding that they created to go with my site and it has been the easiest experience I have ever had!

SO happy I invested in her services and now have the most amazing website that will last me years and years.



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Price and Information guides designed for photographers to effectively communicate to their clientele. Our templates are built in Adobe InDesign to allow complete customisation for your brand.

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